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Chrom may not be a playable character but at least he still has his uses

This is the most childish, incessant whining about nothing I’ve seen from a fandom since Matt Smith regenerated and half the fandom magically forgot that the show had been doing that for 50 years.

Seriously, people, are you really gonna act like spoiled children over this?

I mean, for fuck’s sake if there was actual debate that would be one thing, but there isn’t. It’s just people being passive aggressive, confrontational asswipes about nothing.

I mean, for fuck’s sake, what’s even the goddamn point?

And no, “Oh no this one character did thing, I must hate now because another character pointed it out and everyone who likes this character is a delusional idiot” isn’t an answer.

Maybe character did “do the thing”, but for fuck’s sake if you wanna criticize something, criticize the thing, don’t go attacking people about it.

That goes for both fucking sides of this ridiculous fucking argument. People can not like things, they can even be vocal about disliking things, I mean, who the fuck cares, it’s their blog at the end of the day.

People are also allowed to like things and be vocal as fuck about that.

Now stop fucking attacking each other about it and just get on with your goddamn lives because frankly the rest of us are sick of this crap happening over and fucking over again.

You’re all embarrassing yourselves and making the rest of us look like fools.


Artist: Raymond Swanland
Card Name: Wolfir Silverheart
Card Number: no 206
Card Text: Soulbond(You may pair this creature with another unpaired creature when either enters the battlefield. They remain paired for as long as you control both of them.) As long as Wolfir Silverheart is paired with another creature, each of those creatures gets +4/+4.
Community Rating: 4 to 4.99
Converted Mana Cost: 5
Expansion: Avacyn Restored
Mana Cost: [3][Green][Green]
P⁄T: 4 ⁄ 4
Rarity: Rare
Types: Creature — Wolf Warrior



Happy Birthday Achievement Hunter


Noone is safe

  • Talys: hodor
  • Durrrrrrtective JoeyJoe Joestar: I
  • Durrrrrrtective JoeyJoe Joestar: I have decided now
  • Durrrrrrtective JoeyJoe Joestar: I will rename Abomasnow to "SNODOR"



nuts no why

opps i cant post pixiv art willy nilly have this instead